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Brownfield Wheels & Rims

At Brownfield Wheel & Rim we are a specialist provider to the OTR mining sector.

In addition to supplying new wheel/rim assemblies, and components we complete inspection, certification and repair services for OTR Wheel & Rims from 24” to 63” diameter.  The inspection and repair process is broken into two separate parts (1) Inspection and Reporting, and (2) Repairs and Certification.

Bespoke Engineering - we fabricate wheel & rim handling equipment and accessories such as equipment for your tyre bay or items such as specialist transport pallets to safely transport wheel and rim assemblies between your site and the inspection / repair workshop.

Industrial Products – we supply specifically formulated tyre and wheel/rim fluid that stops corrosion, helps in reducing air loss and aids in crack detection in service. Additionally we supply industrial chemicals used in tyre pad and wash down bays on your site.

Best-in-class industrial wheels and rims.

Brownfield’s exclusive partnership with ZJCorim - The best, highest quality and cost-effective industrial, earthmoving and mining wheels and rims. 

Brownfield and ZJCorim: Both technically focussed, one great partnership

With over 25 years’ experience in product design and supply globally as a manufacturer of wheels and rims, ZJCorim brings unparalleled technical expertise and global experience to our partnership. Brownfield Wheel & Rim supported by ZJCorim’s ISO-accredited manufacturing facility and technology development centre brings an equally unparalleled level of industrial wheel experience.

Together, with Brownfield’s local wheel and rim engineering expertise and ZJCorim’s high quality and leading edge products we are setting new benchmarks in the supply, support, service and engineering of OTR Wheels & Rims for industry.