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SAVE MONEY by maximising tyre life, reducing fuel consumption and preventing breakdowns through live monitoring of critical vehicle data such as tyre pressure & temperature.

Increase Tyre Life

By ensuring tyres are correctly inflated using fast, accurate, wireless data provided by Translogik's solutions

Improve Safety

By ensuring that tyres are managed correctly, and gaining early warning of potential tyre failure, accidents caused by blowouts or delaminations can be reduced.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Correctly inflated tyres use less fuel than those that are either under or over inflated


iTruck provides fast, accurate, reliable real-time data on the condition of your tyres.

Sensors attached to each tyre transmit pressure and temperature data to a receiver on the vehicle which then transmits this to a dedicated monitoring service.

Maintaining correct inflation levels maximises tyre life and performance, reduces fuel consumption, and greatly reduces the possibility of tyre failure, keeping your vehicle running longer, minimising downtime and keeping the driver and vehicle safe.

Key iTruck Benefits

  • Extend tyre life, improve performance
  • Increase fuel efficiency & vehicle productivity
  • Reduce expensive roadside breakdowns
  • Early detection of mechanical failures
  • Improve driver and vehicle safety
  • Comprehensive event reporting
  • UK based monitoring